Simple and easy to use desktop application for ChatGPT & AI

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Simple and easy to use desktop application for ChatGPT & AI

简洁且易用的 ChatGPT & AI 的桌面应用程序

簡潔且易用的 ChatGPT & AI 的桌面應用程序

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Description: Developed ThinkyMate, a clean and easy to use desktop application for ChatGPT & AI; cross-platform and can be used without login or registration. Blogger’s account Key is already built-in, and users can also have their own private API-KEY.

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Simple and easy to use desktop application for ChatGPT & AI! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

ChatGPT & AI:

  • No need to register and login any account to use
  • Use all the features of ChatGPT and SparkDesk Chat and Voice without logging in.
  • Support ChatGPT and SparkDesk AI Model
  • Supports scene context support with drawing record memory
  • Supports using private API KEY to use related functions.
  • Support bubble mode and plain text mode
  • Support display mode switching: streaming (typewriter) + regular response
  • Support theme change: MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Diablo mode
  • API Key encryption by AES_256 + CBC algorithm, password box input
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, MacOS, Linux OS)
  • More features to explore and discover


  • Support text to speech(TTS) and text-to-speech (TTS) function

  • Support hardware HeadSet headset linkage extension
  • Support automatic intelligent phrase and conversion, more fluent and natural
  • Support modifying speech speed and replacing voice library

Microsoft Store

Once signed, it can be shelved on Microsoft Store; it can also be shelved on third-party XX Software Manager / mall. When I have time next time, I will write a separate article to introduce the whole process in detail;


  1. Download the package and install it
  2. Tray Mail context menu, open Advanced Settings
  3. Enter the API KEY to enable the corresponding functions, which are optional; please restart the software to ensure that it takes effect.
    • Enter the OpenAI Key to use the ChatGPT feature and the speech-to-text feature
    • Enter XunFei Key to use SparkDesk function
    • Enter BaiDu Key to use the text-to-speech function
  4. Enter your voice or text and enjoy using ChatGPT features!
  5. For more preview images see here


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How to Feedback ? You are very welcome to join us! You can open an issue ; for any bug, suggestion, feature idea, or to help improve this software.


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